Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our Featured Fragrance

Melon Ball

Blend of mango, papaya and melon.

Now get your favorite tarts in a cup!
Our Price -- .50 Cents!

These cups are great!!! You can stack them up and pick your scent without rummaging through a bunch of bags.
Each up is reusable! Tired of a scent?
Just pour the melted wax back into the cup and wait until it cools before sealing.

These cups seal in all of the fragrance!

Easy storage, Easy use and FABULOUS appearance! Each 2 oz cup holds approximately 1 - 1.3 oz by weight tart!

Perfect for most standard size tart warmers.

Prefer to have smaller tarts? Get mini melts!

Mini Melts are packaged by the ounce. You will get 1 full ounce!! Size of mini melts vary so the number of melts in each package may vary. Keep in mind when ordering you will receive 1 full ounce or more. Approx. 5 mini melts.

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