Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Beautiful Diva & Project True Beauty

Over the years, Beautiful Diva has hired women who are chronically unemployed and living in poverty (many living in shelters) to help us fill and package our products, we've called this effort, Project True Beauty.

It is with a happy heart that I announce that Project True Beauty is receiving sponsorship. Today we are joining forces with Beth El Shelter in Milford, CT and a local church.

Case workers at Beth El Shelter will be referring women to Beautiful Diva as part of Project True Beauty.

The First Baptist Church is donating the use of a building to allow us to expand our production and our project.

Women who join us as part of Project True Beauty will work and develop basic skills required to obtain entry level employment.

We are not providing full-time employment, we are providing transitional employment and immediate income for these women.

Our project has attracted the support of local individuals and organizations.

Now we can official say, when a consumer purchases a product from Beautiful Diva, they are not only helping your businesses, but they are also helping Beautiful Diva has a positive impact in the lives of women who are chronically unemployed and living in poverty.

Thank you for taking the time to share in our excitement.

Myra Roldan
Beautiful Diva

Your Beautiful Diva Rep. Is
Rachel Rodrigues

~~Beautiful Diva~~

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