Monday, May 4, 2009

Monet Mini's For Teen's

Finally an all-natural makeup for young teenagers*

*Not recommended for children under 13*

Our Minis line is exclusive to Monet Minerals and has been specially formulated for young teenagers who are just starting to wear makeup. All of our shades are "Anywhere Powders" meaning they can be used safely on eyes, lips, cheeks and even nails (simply dip your clear nail polish wand into some minerals)!

The best part about our Minis is that you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals or fillers. Our makeup is actually good for your skin!

Currently we have 4 color groups Selena, Hannah, Demi & Sabrina.

Within those groups, there are three variations of each color; a regular version, a "lite" version and a sparkle version.

Currently, Hannah Sparkle is our most popular shade.

Colors can be purchased individually for $5 each, or you may order a set that includes all three versions of your choice for only $10!

The sets come as pictured above, tied up in Tulle.

These make great stocking stuffers!

If you would like to purchase the complete set of 12, all wrapped up as pictured above, the price is only $35 and comes with a container of "Wishing Dust" or "Birthday Wish". All girls love making wishes!

Complete Minis Kit - $35 each

All 12 Minis shades, plus Wishing Dust

Sets of 3- $10 each

Selena Set

Hannah Set

Demi Set

Sabrina Set

Individual Colors - $5 each


Selena Lite

Selena Sparkle


Hannah Lite

Hannah Sparkle


Demi Lite

Demi Sparkle


Sabrina Lite

Sabrina Sparkle

Wishing Dust

~~Monet Minerals~~

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