Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ms. Mary Is At It Again!

Adding Goodies To The Site For Easter With More To Come Soon!

Here's Madeline The Wax Dipped Duck For Easter

Be Sure To Check Back Often As We'll Have More Cuties Added Soon!

We Also Have...

Carrot Cake Tarts

These tarts smell yummy and are scented in carrot cake!
They have a whipped wax layer with a cute carrot on top.
You will get 1/2 dozen for use in your tart burner.

~~Country Girl Delights~~

Now through March, Sign up is Free!

 Our Country Girl Delights Affiliate Program:
Is FREE to join for the Month of March.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carrot Cake Tarts For Easter

Carrot Cake Tarts

These Tarts Smell Yummy
and are scented in carrot cake!
They have a whipped wax layer with a cute carrot on top.
You will get 1/2 dozen for use in your tart burner.

~~Country Girl Delights~~
Now through March, Sign up is Free!
         Our Country Girl Delights Affiliate Program:
Is FREE to join for the Month of March.
Join Us!
You'll be so happy you did!
Be sure to put "Rachel Rodrigues" in the fax line when you sign up
Rachel Rodrigues

Look What We Have For Easter

If they are prefilled they come with:
1.55oz matching bar
Bag topper with candy matching
4oz bubble wrapped
MiniPlaydoh wrapped
Stuffed TY Beanie Baby Easter themed.
All this is wrapped in cello wrap with curling ribbon
The Empty Gallon Cans are 13.00 and the prefilled cans are 22.00.
Cans can be mailed closed or open with goodies sticking out.
I am also going to offer quart cans this year as well.
Same as before
prefilled or empty
Prefilled includes:
6 matching minis
Bag topper with candy matching
mini bubble matching
mini plad-doh matching
stuffed beanie baby easter themed.
Empty Quart cans are 10.00 pre filled are 16.00
What The Wrap

Tea Time With The Easter Bunny

Bunny Teapot


Children will love this adorable Bunny teapot when serving their little friends or when just having a quiet "mommy & me" tea party. Matching accessories are available.

Bunny Cup & Saucer


Adorable children's Bunny cup & saucer set (2 cups/2 saucers). Guaranteed to make your little one smile. Don't forget to check out our matching teapot!


10 Reasons Why I Joined Playful Delight's

1. You can join PDI for FREE and have a FREE web store. There is NO COST to you to become a Consultant with PDI. Purchasing a kit is encouraged, especially if you want to do home parties versus just catalog parties, however they are not required. NO APPLICATION or PROCESSING FEES TO JOIN PDI.

2. START & STAY at 50% commission! Whether you purchase a kit and do home parties or decide to be a Catalog Consultant, you earn a 50% commission. Always. There are also ways to earn a bit more with specials buys and discounts.

3. There are NO MONTHLY FEES, REQUIREMENTS or QUOTAS you have to meet, and NO MINIMUM ORDERS are required. We do not charge you a fee each month to process credit cards. You pay a small fee per card that is processed. If no cards are used, you don't pay. You do not have to sell X amount of dollars per month or meet any quotas to earn your 50%.

4. We allow you to choose what's best for you. If Catalog parties work best for you, great. If home parties work best, great.
We encourage home parties for the simple fact people tend to buy more and they have more fun!

5. You do not have to carry stock. Unless you choose to. You can simply take orders. You have the option to carry stock.

6. Orders are sent to you, the Consultant for bagging. This is a PLUS! By bagging orders yourself, you have the unique opportunity to PERSONALIZE. Maybe you'll want to throw in a business card or flyer advertising a special, when orders are bagged and shipped directly to your Hostess, you miss this unique opportunity.

7. YOU PAY ACTUAL FREIGHT FOR SHIPPING. This means PDI does not make any money off shipping. For example, if an order is $12 to ship and you have collected $30 from your guests, you have pocketed an extra $18.
You do pay for the Hostess free items, however in most cases the extra you have made from shipping will cover that and you STILL PUT 50% COMMISSION IN YOUR POCKET!

8. If you are currently with another company and want to switch, you can! We'll need to compare the products you have with the ones we have, but PDI offers name brand items that a lot of companies carry.
You will want to add a few of the private labeled items that PDI offers, such as Dick Dew and Scarletts Secret Cream, 2 Top Sellers!

9. PDI DOES NOT LIMIT YOU TO WOMEN ONLY PARTIES. You have the choice to hold ladies only, couples, co-ed or alternative lifestyle parties. This is your choice.

10. GET PAID THE DAY/NIGHT OF THE PARTY! You pay yourself first!

Playful Delights is a truly unique company, we are more like a family than business associates! The President and the Vice President of the company are very involved.
When you call home office, they are who you talk to!

*I would also like to add that, in most cases, orders are processed within 24 hours and shipped FED EX with delivery confirmation and online tracking information.
Ready To Join Us???

~~Playful Delight's By Rachel~~

Friday, March 13, 2009

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Carrot Cake Tarts For Easter

Carrot Cake Tarts
These tarts smell yummy and are scented in carrot cake!
They have a whipped wax layer with a cute carrot on top.
You will get 1/2 dozen for use in your tart burner.
These Are Perfect For Gifts!
Hi All,
How are things going today? Are you enjoying my newsletter
so far? I'd love to hear from you!
Here's today's feature article:
How to Stay Focused on Your Home Business Goals
Copyright © Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy
When you are the owner of a home business, you will find
hundreds of distractions that vie for your time, energy and
Common distractions include: children, family, friends,
neighbors, pets, phone calls, mail, household chores, video
games, television, neighborhood children, visitors, and so many
As an owner of a home based business, you must always remember
your purpose in bringing your profession home. What was your
reason for wanting to own a home business? Was your goal to work
from home so that you can share in the lives of your children?
Was your goal to be out from under the rule of a tyrannical
boss? Was your goal to have the freedom to work when it is
convenient for you? Was your goal to make tons of money working
for yourself?
Here`s a few good tips that will help you stay focused on your
home business:
TIP #1:
Whatever your reason for going out on your own, you must keep
your reason in the forefront of your mind. If you forget your
reason for starting your own home business, you will not be
working for yourself for long. It is far too easy to let
circumstance drive your activities --- and when circumstance is
in the driver`s seat, you are more likely to crash and burn.
TIP #2:
Remember --- your own business is a lot like a real job. Some
people go to work to play, some go to socialize, and others ---
most often those who are paid in a commission or tip environment
--- go to work to work and to make money. When you work for
yourself, your salary is directly proportional to your
productivity. Therefore, wouldn`t it make sense to stay focused
on getting as much done in as short of a period as possible?
Go to work to work and to make money. Leave playtime and
recreation for when your workday has ended.
TIP #3:
When you are dealing with family in the course of your workday,
it is important to schedule your activities as much as possible.
With small children, you must take time when you must, but you
should also work hard to make sure you dedicate a specific
number of hours to your workday.
With older children, it is much easier to tell them that you
will be working between the hours of x and y. Your children and
your friends must understand that certain hours of your day are
devoted to the activities of your business.
TIP #4:
Don`t permit your friends and extended family to run over you.
Many people get the blind idea that if one works from home then
they are not actually working.
Well-meaning people may try to fill your doorway to bring advice
about getting a real job. Others may simply believe that if you
are at home, then you are fair game for chitchat and
You must stand firm. You must make certain your friends and
family understands that when you are working, then you ARE
working! If they wish to socialize with you, then they need to
do it during the hours that are not dedicated to your home
You are the only one who can stand up for you. Your friends and
family will seldom be able to appreciate your dedication to your
home business, unless you make the effort to make sure that they
have the same respect for your business that you do.
TIP #5:
You should allot a certain portion of your day to email and to
regular mail. For example, allot one hour in the morning and one
hour in the afternoon to handling your written communications.
Unless you dedicate certain times to the handling of these
communications, you will soon find yourself on the downward
slope of decreased productivity.
TIP #6:
When you find yourself spending too much time doing
non-productive activities, then you should seriously consider
finding a third-party service provider who will assist you in
those non-profitable business activities.
As an example, you might be in the mail-order business. You
might believe that your time is best spent writing ad copy and
setting up your advertising, but you find yourself spending far
too much time taking care of your books to take care of your
advertising in the manner that you should. In this event, it
might make more sense to hire a bookkeeper to handle your
financial records for you.
In the end, the success of your home business is entirely and
completely reliant upon you and the decisions that you make.
You had your reasons for deciding to start your own home based
business. You must always keep your reasons in the forefront of
your mind. You must always be able to rely upon your own self
and your dedication to the success of your business.
Your friends and family might be annoyed that they cannot come
visit upon their own whim, but when success comes to you and
your business, they will better appreciate you for putting your
foot down when necessary.
Success is within your reach, if only you can stay focused on
your goals. You must decide to reach for your goals, and then,
you must have the discipline necessary to reach them.
About the Author:
Stone Evans, The Home Biz Guy has helped thousands of people
in over 200 countries around the world start and run a
successful home business.
Quote of the Day:
"The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by
going beyond them into the impossible." -- Arthur C. Clarke
Daniel Schiller

How To Use Video For Multiple Profit Streams

Hey Everyone!
It's been awhile I know, things are going crazy on this side. BUT, I wanted to take this minute to tell you that my friend, Perry Lawrence, aka @AskMrVideo, is doing another webinar tonight on how to use Video for Mulitple Profit Streams you can see the details here http://budurl.com/j4qy
If you have been following my "story" over the last couple months, you will see that video has been a pivotal moment in my business and goals. I just returned from the elite conference of internet marketing and it's amazing to see what's coming up in the future. If you are not incorporating VIDEO into YOUR business, you WILL be left behind. I feel very strong about this and even if you are an e-commerce store, you should be using video.
It's not expensive to do, in fact, I think it's the best converting FREE advertising you can use. I bought a $125.00 Flip camera from Wal-mart and keep it in my pocketbook. I shoot, upload direct (no wires..how awesome is that alone) and be done... it can give you links, exposure, free traffic and better conversions then just a generic picture. If you don't believe me, turn on the Home Shopping Center... get the point?
SO.. jump on the webinar tonight and see how you can profit from the use of video in your business today!
I have a bunch of stuff that I'll be posting to the blog soon so make sure you sign up for the RSS so you don't miss out or stop by soon :) I'll see you on the webinar tonight!
To Your Success,
Kristen Arnold

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spin Babez Recruiting Event

We are having our first ever online recruiting event!
We want you to be there!

Place: www.spinbabez.com
Where: Spin's Party Room (On the Site)
Time: 6 PM MT & PT, 9 PM ET, 8 PM CT
How long is the event? 30 mins
Date: Wednesday March 11, 2009

Everyone who shows up and stays for the event will get a free gift pack.
Come out and join us in the fun! You can ask any questions you may have about Spin Babez and what we have to offer.

See You There! Please Tell Takeisha That Rachel Rodrigues Sent Ya!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Follow The Sweet Peach On Twitter

It Can Be Addictive!
Follow Me http://twitter.com/thesweetpeach

Have A Twittering Fun Day All!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

March Special & MVP Of The Month

March Special

Spring Fling Lip Kit - $30 Value

* 2 containers of Addiction Lip Balm.

(you specify flavor and container type)

* 4 MVPS of your choice.

For only $20!

In the comments section, please write-in the following:

1. Your choice of containers (pots or sticks)

2. The flavor(s) you'd like your balms to be

3. The four shades you'd like for your kit

(choose from any of our minerals)

~~Monet Minerals~~
And Our....

MVP of the month

Each month we will feature a new MVP shade and offer a full size container of the shade for the price of a large sample. (you save $7 - almost 59% off!)

March's MVP:

Lucky Clover

This exclusive shade looks great as an eye liner and also is fun as a nail polish (or if you're daring enough-it looks fabulous on your lips, too!)! If you love green, make sure to check out our new shade: Shamrock.

As with all of our MVPs, you can use this shade on your eyes, cheeks, lips or even your nails!

~~Monet Minerals~~