Saturday, March 21, 2009

Look What We Have For Easter

If they are prefilled they come with:
1.55oz matching bar
Bag topper with candy matching
4oz bubble wrapped
MiniPlaydoh wrapped
Stuffed TY Beanie Baby Easter themed.
All this is wrapped in cello wrap with curling ribbon
The Empty Gallon Cans are 13.00 and the prefilled cans are 22.00.
Cans can be mailed closed or open with goodies sticking out.
I am also going to offer quart cans this year as well.
Same as before
prefilled or empty
Prefilled includes:
6 matching minis
Bag topper with candy matching
mini bubble matching
mini plad-doh matching
stuffed beanie baby easter themed.
Empty Quart cans are 10.00 pre filled are 16.00
What The Wrap

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