Saturday, March 21, 2009

10 Reasons Why I Joined Playful Delight's

1. You can join PDI for FREE and have a FREE web store. There is NO COST to you to become a Consultant with PDI. Purchasing a kit is encouraged, especially if you want to do home parties versus just catalog parties, however they are not required. NO APPLICATION or PROCESSING FEES TO JOIN PDI.

2. START & STAY at 50% commission! Whether you purchase a kit and do home parties or decide to be a Catalog Consultant, you earn a 50% commission. Always. There are also ways to earn a bit more with specials buys and discounts.

3. There are NO MONTHLY FEES, REQUIREMENTS or QUOTAS you have to meet, and NO MINIMUM ORDERS are required. We do not charge you a fee each month to process credit cards. You pay a small fee per card that is processed. If no cards are used, you don't pay. You do not have to sell X amount of dollars per month or meet any quotas to earn your 50%.

4. We allow you to choose what's best for you. If Catalog parties work best for you, great. If home parties work best, great.
We encourage home parties for the simple fact people tend to buy more and they have more fun!

5. You do not have to carry stock. Unless you choose to. You can simply take orders. You have the option to carry stock.

6. Orders are sent to you, the Consultant for bagging. This is a PLUS! By bagging orders yourself, you have the unique opportunity to PERSONALIZE. Maybe you'll want to throw in a business card or flyer advertising a special, when orders are bagged and shipped directly to your Hostess, you miss this unique opportunity.

7. YOU PAY ACTUAL FREIGHT FOR SHIPPING. This means PDI does not make any money off shipping. For example, if an order is $12 to ship and you have collected $30 from your guests, you have pocketed an extra $18.
You do pay for the Hostess free items, however in most cases the extra you have made from shipping will cover that and you STILL PUT 50% COMMISSION IN YOUR POCKET!

8. If you are currently with another company and want to switch, you can! We'll need to compare the products you have with the ones we have, but PDI offers name brand items that a lot of companies carry.
You will want to add a few of the private labeled items that PDI offers, such as Dick Dew and Scarletts Secret Cream, 2 Top Sellers!

9. PDI DOES NOT LIMIT YOU TO WOMEN ONLY PARTIES. You have the choice to hold ladies only, couples, co-ed or alternative lifestyle parties. This is your choice.

10. GET PAID THE DAY/NIGHT OF THE PARTY! You pay yourself first!

Playful Delights is a truly unique company, we are more like a family than business associates! The President and the Vice President of the company are very involved.
When you call home office, they are who you talk to!

*I would also like to add that, in most cases, orders are processed within 24 hours and shipped FED EX with delivery confirmation and online tracking information.
Ready To Join Us???

~~Playful Delight's By Rachel~~

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