Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Featured "WAHM Of The Week"

Name: Mary K. Growe

) Tell us a little about yourself.
Direct Marketer for Send Out Cards;Body, Mind Spirit Healing Gifts Coach; Advocate for the disenfranchised; BSN in Nursing;RN Case Manager of 20 Friars; Background in MGNT (DON - Nursing Home), Hospice, Home Care; Managed 50 unit apartment complex (3 campuses); Teachers aide;Disaster Relief (rebuilding team) and yes, I even was a waitress...

) How many children do you have?
4 by birth, 3 fostered, and 3 foreign exchange

) Are you married, single, divorced, never married, in a relationship?
Married for 33 years

) What kind of work do you do?
I share/coach people to be the best that they are intended to be by our Creator.. We are all LOVE; Coach people to give themselves permission to live and love. Are you a stay at
home mom? As much as I can be. They were my best years. And I try to stay available to my grown children and 10 grandchildren.I am a WAHM 80% of the time Do you own your own business?Spread the Joy Send Out Cards Share links if applicable.

) Do you enjoy the work you do?
Work? This is work? I LOVE the work I do!

) Did you know that this would be what you'd do as an adult?
Helping people has always been my focus. I even am told stories of my compassion and helping from before I remember! Or was it just something that happened (fate, fun, destiny,
coincidence, financial need, etc)? I really do believe there is no such thing as coincidence. We all have a purpose, we all have intention. Unfortunately, we don't always use it to our best..

) Where do you see yourself in five years?
Enjoying life even more fully. Being open to the Spirit to do and go where I am needed.

)Are You With Any Work At Home Mom Social Networks? The Mom Pack Or Groups That You Would Like To Share? "IE;"...Cafemom, Ryze, Momspace,
) Do You Have Any Advice You Could Give For Another Mom About Starting To Work From Home?
Explore your true desires and likes. Whatever you do will be work unless it is your passion. Then, it will be play. It is still hard for my husband to tell people I promote greeting cards. Actually, I promote enhancing communication, at the personal and/or professional level. And anyone with Internet access can send an inexpensive salutation and brighten someone's day! He would much rather tell people of the great nurse I am and the joy I had in my previous experiences. But he has yet to grasp that the simple act of sending a greeting card (as he has witnessed with mine) can brighten a persons day, beyond any therapy or any medication. I love sharing Spread the Joy Send Out Cards!

If there's anything else you'd like to say, please feel free to say it here.
Keep a balance. Make sure the path you are on is yours, and not an attempt to please someone else.
Thank you for this opportunity to present myself. It is appreciated beyond words.

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