Thursday, July 23, 2009

Refillable Sponge Jar

Refillable Sponge Jar

This refillable jar comes with a mirrored lid and is designed to dispense loose mineral powder.
It's great for foundations, bronzers, veils or even concealers.
Some women prefer using a sponge instead of a brush. Less mess!
It holds approximately 9 grams of powder. It is just a bit smaller than our full-size 30g jar.
Jar Only - $12
Jar filled with your choice of powder - $25
(simply write-in your selection in the comments section during checkout)

~~Monet Minerals~~

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  1. I have this. I ended up pouring out the powder and putting it in another container (Lancome). I just couldn't get enough powder to come out. The actual powder was good though, just couldn't take the container!