Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our Featured "WAHM Of The Week"

Name: Roberta Boteler

1) Tell us a little about yourself.
I am married.

2) How many children do you have?
I have one 17 year old son

3) Are you married, single, divorced, never married, in a relationship?

4) What kind of work do you do? Are you a stay at home mom? Do you own your own business?
I run my own business from my home. I mentor people to experience success beyond their wildest imaginations, freeing them from physical, mental, emotional and financial pain. Serviing individuals to live their lives in 3D Design, Desire and Destiny.........come join me.

5) Do you enjoy the work you do?
I love it. It is what I was created to do.

6) Did you know that this would be what you'd do as an adult? Or was it just something that happened (fate, fun, destiny, coincidence, financial need, etc)?
Since i was 16 I knew that I would be serving people in a capacity that would set them free and bring enlightment to them allowing them to succeed wildly in their lives.

7) Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself living in Arvada, CO with my husband on 5 acres. On that property there will be small cottages to serve as an oasis for pastors. We will also have an Equestrian ministry working to bring healing to physically and emotionally challenged people. We will also have a Total Health and Wellness center that will bring spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and financial healing to many people. Along with my husband and I, my friend Nancy and her husband and our mutual friend Robert will be in this endeavor with us.

8)Are You With Any Work At Home Mom Social Networks? Or Groups That You Would Like To Share? "IE;"...Cafemom, Ryze, Momspace, Etc.
I am a member of Cafe Mom

9) Do You Have Any Advice You Could Give For Another Mom About Starting To Work From Home?
The best thing I can say is above all enjoy your children at whatever stage they are as tomorrow it will change. As Kenny Chesney's song states, "Don't Blink". As for businesss, I have learned from my search to find my own missing link that in order to be successful there are five elements that must be in place in any company I choose to participate with, they are: 1) The leaders of the company must have proven experience and integrity 2) The timing of the company. Is it a start up company? 98% of all start up companies fail within the first two years, so they must be past that stage for me to consider them. 3) Compensation plan, be certain you are clear on how many people you will need to reach your desired monthly income. ie the majority of companies you have to have 1,000-3,000 people in your organization to create a $10,000/mo residual income. In my company I receive that same $10,000/mo residual income with only 350 people brough in collectively as our company's business model is based on the power of one. 4) The company must have a good product. 5) There must be a proven, duplicatable system in place.
Other than that surround yourself with positive people and influences. Strive to stay in the eight positive emotions 100% of the time and stay away from the negative ones. The emotions are:

Positive Emotions

Negative Emotions.

Continuously work on self development as it is the key to success. Wealth follows personal growth. 1) Must be coachable 2) Need to have a mentor and a team 3) Have a Five pillar company 4) Have a duplicatable system 5) Practice Self Development 6) Be a student of the industry Books I recommend are: #1 The Greatest Secret by Ron Macintosh As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.

Lastly, if you have any questions, struggles or just want to chat I am at Skype: robertaboteler and my e-mail is Call me anytime at (308) 882 1707.

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