Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free Business Printables

Today, the focus is on business-related sites:

www.freeprintablebusinesscards.net/ -- Offers 230 free
business card designs in Microsoft Word format to download,
customize, and print.

www.freefaxcoversheets.net/ -- When the office klutz writes
on the last clean fax cover sheet, you can download and print any
of 100 free cover sheets here. And more fax cover sheets are at
http://www.FaxCoverSheets.org -- these are hilarious cartoon-y
cover sheets that will get your faxes noticed.

www.printablecashreceipts.com/ -- Just as you might guess
from the name, this site offers dozens of receipts for anyone who
runs a business, rents out a property, donates to a cause and so on.

www.printableinvoicetemplates.net/ -- Whether you own a
business, freelance, or sell products or services out of your home,
these printable invoice templates will fit the bill.

www.printabletimesheets.net/ - When you need to keep track of
hours worked, offered in both simple table and spreadsheet forms.

www.printablesigns.net/ - There's no need to go out and buy a
sign or make your own from scratch. This site has more than 140
signs and placards, including business, safety and sale signs, free
to download and print as PDFs, or pay $1.99 for editable .DOC files.

www.coverletterexamples.net/ - Read and download free
examples of job-related cover letters and more at this site, a
companion to http://www.InstantResumeTemplates.com, where dozens of
formatted resumes can be downloaded, customized and printed for free.

www.lettersofrecommendation.net/ - Download
professional-quality recommendation letter templates for business
and personal situations. There are more than 100 free letters,
plus articles and tips.

If that's too much to keep track of, just bookmark this one site:
This is the central hub, with links to all of the other Free
Printable sites.

I hope you find the printable material useful in your business
projects. In my next introductory e-mail, which I'll send tomorrow,
I'll tell you more about printables for everyone, not just business
users. Better warm up that printer!

Happy printing,
Kevin, the Free Printable guy

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