Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Addiction

After months of formulating and testing to get our recipe just right, I am proud to introduce our new glossy lip balm line: Addiction.

Addiction got it's name because I consistently heard from our testers that this product was addicting One of the reasons it took me so long to get these on the site is because I couldn't make enough. Every time I'd make a batch (or 5!), I'd end up selling it all locally.

Addiction is a soft balm and is almost too soft for the chapstick-like container we use (I actually think it's the perfect consistency and I love not getting my fingers messy). We also offer it in clear jars (the same ones we use for our large samples).

This is not your typical lip balm and is really more like a thicker lip gloss (if that makes any sense). For this reason, men don't like it for daytime use, but if they put it on before bed, they will wake up with the softest lips EVER! :)

We currently have four flavors available. More coming soon!

Addiction Orange - stick container $5

Addiction Orange - potted clear jar $4

Addiction Mint - stick container $5

Addiction Mint - potted clear jar $4

Addiction Bubblegum - stick container $5

Addiction Bubblegum - potted clear jar $4

Addiction Watermelon - stick container $5

Addiction Watermelon - potted clear jar $4

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